Wellbeing for Women

Women go through a roller coaster of changing hormones throughout their life

It is never too early or too late to develop new skills to prepare for a healthier later life

Every Wednesday evening we have a two-hour session dedicated to women and wellness. We touch on a variety of health and well-being related subjects, such as weight, sleep, mood swings, and bone health. We explore gentle and restorative yoga poses (no experience needed), aromatherapy, Reiki and other techniques to find calm, peace and time for you. My ladies tell me this is the highlight of their week, that they always sleep well after the class and that it has made a huge difference to how they cope with the stresses of daily living.


You may like to book the ‘Wellbeing Roadshow’.  This is a series of four, two-hour sessions, held at your work, home or community space. Get together with friends, family or colleagues to learn management skills to deal with all manner of health issues that affect women. Designed to help you achieve your best version of you.

I also offer a regular programme of menopause related retreat days. I team up with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner who specialises in Menopause. We offer a fun, informative and relaxing day woven around managing the symptoms of menopause.