Health in Harmony yoga classes

Health in Harmony yoga classes are adapted to suit everyone, regardless of age, size, experience, health and fitness levels. We begin each session with a short relaxation to help us to focus on our practice, followed by the Asana (poses). You will be offered modifications so that you can work at your own pace as yoga is totally noncompetitive. For more experienced students, we will offer ways to deepen the pose. At the end of the session is the all-important relaxation session. Our minds are busy machines and for some of us it is difficult to ‘switch off’. Yoga relaxation is important as it helps to calm the mind, develop breathing for better health, and bring the nervous system back into balance.

Yoga is performed in bare feet. This is because we have many receptors in the feet which help us to balance and stimulate various parts of the body. Wear clothes that you can move easily in, and it’s a good idea to bring a blanket or fleece to cover up for the relaxation session. Please bring a cushion to sit upon if you feel this will make you more comfortable. It is also a good idea to purchase a yoga belt or bring an old tie to assist with some of the poses.