Health in Harmony.

Aromatherapy. Massage. Reiki. Stress Management. Yoga.

Customer Testimonials

The highlight of my past year has most definitely been Lesley of Health in Harmony.  A weekend retreat, along with regular yoga practice and Reiki sharing has brought strength, balance, flexibility and fun into my life as well as an abundance of love, gratitude and a sense of spirituality which has been invaluable in an otherwise trying year.  And she drives a Harley!

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

I would highly recommend Lesley to support, advise and treat you when you are needing help with body and joint movement.  Her yoga has kept me supple and fit, even as a pensioner.  As a qualified Aromatherapist, Lesley has taught me a number of self care approaches that our whole family use.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd