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Reiki training.

Lesley and Mike each have a long term interest in Self Discovery and Self Healing.
We run a Reiki Share every six weeks.  These are group sessions with a theme and an
educational slant.  We discuss aspects of what Reiki is and what it can do for us.  Most sessions include some self or group healing.  Handouts are provided when appropriate.
Refreshments are included and the cost is a donation towards room hire, and the time taken to prepare the schedule.
These are ideal opportunities to come to find out what Reiki is all about and to mix with a friendly bunch of interested people.
Check our Blog page for the next date.  
Once you have experienced the beauty and effectiveness of Reiki healing, you might like to learn to do it for yourself and loved ones.
Lesley qualified as a Reiki level Three in 2005.   Some people use the term 'Reiki Master' or 'Reiki Teacher'.
This entitles her to teach you to apply Reiki.
Reiki is a very simple, safe, natural and effective treatment. 
Anyone can learn to apply Reiki, and it takes only a few hours to learn.
Reiki Level One is the entry level and involves either a full day or two half days.  At this level one can apply Reiki immediately to heal themselves or to develop Spiritual Awareness.  The cost is £100.
Reiki Level Two takes the student much further, enabling them to use the Reiki symbols for themselves or others, and is the recommended level for those wishing to charge for their services.  This class takes a full day and costs £120.
Reiki Level Three is taken by those wishing to take their Spiritual Journey further, or to teach to others.  I teach this level as a kind of 'Apprenticeship' following attunement to level two.  The actual class takes a full day but realistically we spend a lot of time together before and after your attunement.  Price for this is not fixed, we come to an agreement following discussion. 
Some students choose to stay at Level One, and others progress to Level Two or Three.  There is no specific timescale to follow- they say that Reiki will find you when you need it.
At all levels you receive a detailed booklet and a certificate, as well as all the support you need.  If you are interested in learning more please call 07815036397 and I can send you my PowerPoint Presentation about Reiki and attunements.