Health in Harmony.

Aromatherapy. Massage. Reiki. Stress Management. Yoga.

Clinical Aromatherapy uses the essence of a wide variety of plants for their potent, therapeutic properties.
I love this art and science.  It was the first training in holistic care that I undertook in 2000 and it has helped me and my family and clients ever since.
The Essential Oils are extracted from the flowers, leaves, bark, fruit and roots of aromatic plants. 
Each oil has its own uses - some are calming, invigorating, refreshing, rejuvenating.  Others might be aphrodisiac.  Still others can clear chests, relieve headaches and reduce muscular aches and pains.
The Essential Oils can be used alone, and I have a Home Study course to  teach you how to safely and effectively use 10 pure Essential oils for you and your family.
But the real beauty of Clinical Aromatherapy shines out when we combine it with therapeutic massage.
The act of massage encourages the Essential oils to be absorbed into the skin and carried around the body, reaching all parts via the blood flow. 
By smelling the Essential oils we directly affect the Limbic system of the brain (responsible for pleasure and memory).
Clinical Aromatherapy is very popular as a Back, neck and shoulder massage.  Following your personal consultation to assess your needs, a variety of massage techniques are utilised to help to ease aches and pains or reduce the symptoms of stress.  Hot stones are also available if appropriate for those that prefer a deeper relaxation experience.
For the ultimate in Relaxation, you can have a Full body aromatherapy massage.  This includes back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, tummy and a facial.  Bliss!!
For those unable to lie on a couch - have no fear, you can still have a wonderful session in the seated position - how about an Indian Head Massage?  This very popular treatment involves back, neck, shoulders, arms, scalp and face.
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